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Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company (DWCCC) provides agricultural and secondary untreated water to Clinton and West Point, and a portion of South Weber, Layton and Kaysville. Maps of the DWCCC service areas are on both canal and secondary system tabs on this website. DWCCC receives water from the Weber River and both East Canyon and Echo Reservoirs.

Water Shut Off

The canal water will be shut off on October 15th. Those with secondary service may have access to water for a few days after as the system drains. We encourage you to winterize your system. As always, we recommend closing your main valve (leaving our valve open)before/by April 1st prior to us filling the system again. 

Secondary Water System Update


July 17th
We have seen an approximately 20% increase in the peak demands this year. We have had a hot and dry summer thus far and ask for your assistance in not overwatering. The peak time period is between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. (late night/early morning). Better pressures should be seen before and after this block of time. Following are some recommendations:

1. Please do not water every day. At the most, every other day is sufficient. If everyone waters daily, then everyone is creating a a higher demand on the system, which lowers the pressure. 

2. Do not water more than once in the same day (don't water morning and night the same day). 

3. With higher runoff this year, the Weber River has been dirtier. Please verify and flush/clean your filter to ensure it's not restricting flow. It's advisable to check smaller filters on your pop up heads, in case small debris went through your filter.

Recommended Watering Schedule

If your house number ends in:
0, 1, 2, 3- Water on Monday and Thursday
4, 5, 6- Water on Tuesday and Friday
7, 8, 9- Water on Wednesday and Saturday

It is recommended that you water at any time on your
scheduled day except between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Conservation Classes

Weber Basin Water Conservation Learning Garden has free landscaping classes available. Please follow the quick link below or visit their webpage ( for more information.

Rental Pool

If you are interested in placing your water shares into the rental pool, a notice will be mailed out at the beginning of February. The signed and notarized form will need to be in our office by the end of February.

The rental pool will open for rental of water March 1st and will close about April 15th or as soon as all of the shares are rented.

State Weekly Lawn Watering Guide

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