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Secondary Metering Projects as per State Law

Legislation passed by the Utah State Legislature in 2022 requires all secondary water connections in Utah to be metered by 2030. Visit UtahWaterMetering.com for more information. Or email, info @ UtahWaterMetering.com or call 801-810-5886


Davis and Weber Canal Company has a job openings for the Secondary Water System. Please go to the Company information tab at the top of this page, then Jobs for a application and job description.

Typical Recommended Water Schedule

If your house number ends in:

0,1,2,3 Water on Monday or Thursday 
4,5,6,   Water on Tuesday or Friday
7,8,9    Water on Wednesday or Saturday 

If your house number ends in:

0,1,2,3  Water on Monday and Thursday 
4,5,6     Water on Tuesday and Friday
7,8,9     Water on Wednesday and Saturday

It's recommended that you water once (a watering cycle equals 20 minutes for overhead sprays, and 40 minutes for rotors, per zone) on your scheduled day EXCEPT between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm .  We recommend reviewing the State website for conservation ideas and guides.  http://www.conservewater.utah.gov/

 Davis and Weber Counties Canal

2023 Water Season

We are grateful for the good water season, and hope for a cooler and wetter Fall and another good winter snowpack. Many have asked on when the secondary water system will be shutdown. The secondary system will be turned off and drained in mid-October, approximately around October 13-15. We continue to request wise water use. Please adjust your watering based on the water, referencing the State website www.conservewater.utah.gov . 

We ask that you water no more than two times a week between September-October. If you're interested in getting a rebate for smart controllers and other water efficient fixtures, see https://utahwatersavers.com/ . 

The State requires meters on all new secondary water services and we are retrofitting existing services with meters. We are sending water use reports to those with meters in an effort to better educate the end user and better manage our limited resources. Please contact 
meters@davisweber.org and provide an email address so the report can be sent to you monthly. 
Check our website, 
www.davisweber.org , for further updates or areas that may be shut down due to meter installations or system repairs. 

Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company


Secondary   (801) 698-6374
Canal           (801) 698-5880

Slow The Flow Save H2O

Secondary Area's Down for Service

Construction Projects

Secondary Construction Projects: 
 Metering Project    
Canal Construction Projects: 
Piping Project

Secondary Meter Users E-Mails

Do you have a secondary water meter? We'd like to email you a monthly report during the water season so you know how much water is being used at your property. Please send us your name, email, and address so that we can begin emailing you the water usage report. Please email meters@davisweber.org now. Knowing your use will help you manage your water use. We want to continue the state ethic of efficiently using the water in a wise manner. Thank You 


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