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Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company


The original earthen Davis and Weber Counties Canal was constructed in the mid 1880's in lower Weber Canyon to carry water to the early settlement farmlands. The canal width ranged from 10 to 20 feet and was rough and uneven. The canal was later extended from the canyon through South Weber, Riverdale, Roy, Sunset, Clearfield, Layton, Kaysville and Fruit Heights (approximately 23 miles). The canal was reconstructed in 1910-1911 and lined with concrete over the following approximately 8 years. Tightly rolled wool rope material was placed in the joints between the individual concrete pours to allow for concrete expansion and contraction. Within 4 years the joints began to leak due to the deterioration of the wool. Major improvements, including rehabilitation and reconstruction of the canal have continued to this day with over on half of the upper canal system being replaced with box culvert, large pipes or new trapezoidal liner with water stop.
In 1884, DWCCC constructed an earthen dam to form a 3,850 acre feet capacity reservoir on East Canyon Creek to store water for the expanding farmlands in Davis and Weber Counties. The use of stored water proved so valuable that in 1900 the capacity of the reservoir was increased to 8,500 acre feet. In 1902, the height of the dam was increased again bringing the capacity to 13,800 acre feet. Due to the increase demand for water and the considerable seepage through the dam, a new concrete dam was constructed by DWCCC on East Canyon Creek in 1915-1916, doubling the reservoir capacity to 28,000 acre feet.
Then in 1964-1966, a new dam was constructed immediately below the existing 1916 concrete dam by the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) as part of the Weber Basin Project (WBP) to increase the storage capacity in East Canyon Reservoir for the benefit of the WBP. The new dam, constructed just downstream of the DWCCC concrete dam, nearly doubled the reservoir capacity from 28,000 acre feet to 51,200 acre feet. Construction of the new dam was performed by Reclamation by agreement with Weber Basin Water Conservancy (WBWCD) and DWCCC. Under this agreement, DWCCC operates and maintains the facilities and WBWCD pays its pro-rata share of the annual operation, maintenance, and repair costs.

Modernizing Canal Water System

East Canyon Walkway Project