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Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company

Available Rebates

Utah Water Smart has rebates available if you install a smart controller on your sprinkler system. For more information visit their website (Utah Water Savers Rebate).

Here is a great article from the Salt Lake Tribune on new technologies and water conservation New Technologies.

Sprinkler Checkup

Weber Basin Conservation Learning Garden will do a water audit of your system for free. For more information visit (Water Audit).

Conservation Classes

Weber Basin Water Conservation Learning Garden has free landscaping classes available. Please follow the quick link below or visit their webpage for more information.(


Top 5 Ways to Be More Water Wise

1. Adjust watering schedule with the season. Prior to Father's day, once every 5 days. During the summer, once every 3 days, then after Labor day, once every 5 days again.

2. Adjust watering schedule with the weather. Shut off sprinklers when it rains; just skipping one watering cycle saves thousands of gallons.

3. Do not water every day. This will encourage your lawn's roots to go deeper and you won't over water. Also, do not water more than once in the same day (don't water morning and night the same day.)

4. Adjust sprinklers to not water hardscape like sidewalk, patio, walkway, and driveway. Adjust run times (how long your sprinklers are on) shorter be a few minutes will save thousands of gallons.

5. Use drip system in flowerbeds and around bushes and shrubs. The water gets to the plants and not watering ground cover. This also deduces the amount of weeds, since you're not watering the entire area of the flowerbed.

FYI: The secondary water meters provide hourly data throughout the water season. If we determine that you may have a system leak (water never stops running), we'll do our best to notify you.

Quick Links

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